Monthly Archive: December 2015


Chinese Nursery Ryhme: 小白兔 little white bunny

My daughter recently taught me this nursery rhyme. I really like it so I’m going to do a translation: 小白兔,白又白, 两只耳朵竖起来, 爱吃萝卜和青菜, 蹦蹦跳跳真可爱! Xiǎo bái tù, bái yòu bái, liǎng zhī ěrduǒ shù qǐlái,...


Happy music 2015 wrap up

Here’s my list of personal top 5 favourite songs from 2015. It’s a mix of trance and techno mainly. This is happy music. In no particular order. (Note: just because I put it here doesn’t...