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Musings on Leadership


Establishing a chain of command

Very recently in Sydney there was a hostage situation where an armed gunman stormed into a Lindt Chocolat Cafe near Martin Place and took around fifteen people hostage. As one can expect, the event resulted...


The king as the best swordsman

I’ve found that there are many fictional works that have within them embedded excellent principles of leadership. Perhaps like leadership itself, some things you learn best through examples and stories. The Adventures of Merlin was...


“You have made an enemy today”

Heavy is the head that bears the crown of leadership. A story of Janeway One of my favourite personal leaders who I deeply admire is the character of captain Kathryn Janeway (from the Star Trek Voyager...


8 Ways to Establish Credibility

Would you like it to be the case that, when you speak, people both listen carefully and believe what you say? — That people see value and truth in your words? I know I...


Do you live in the “Meta-game”?

Several years ago I had a friend who was studying developmental psychology. During one of our conversations she introduced me to the concept of “metacognition” — which she then went on to explain is “thinking...


Why peasants have ultimate power

When I was younger I enjoyed watching a classic movie: Dragonheart. This movie is set in a fantastical medieval world. In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to the overall situation with...