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Adventures in Marketing and cracking down into true SEO


SEO experiment: high informational bias niches

In a previous post the fundamental elements of search and intent were introduced. In that post we went through the three major types of intent behind keywords or phrases that people type into Google: Transactional (want to...


SEO: Just Try Stuff

Recently a Twitter conversation occurred wherein @Hams38 asked John Mueller (A nice important guy at Google Switzerland): The first response that John gave was: I found this conversation particularly interesting because, while John Mueller knows...


Do SEO Rankings Mean Money?

“I want to rank #1 in Google for KEYWORD” That’s how a lot of business owners approach SEO. It seems simple enough: People come to Google to look for your service, You rank #1,...


Digital content etiquette and #ReadItAll

Engaging with digital content is a major part of modern life. Many of us can engage with literally dozens of pieces of content every day. Yet sometimes our methodologies for engaging with and sharing...


You can’t outsource your brand

We like to outsource digital marketing activities in order to gain cost effective access to more experienced professionals. But in our haste to do so, one hopes that we don’t lose sight of one simple fact:...


“Intent Vertical” short snippet

This is a short snippet from my presentation at E-Web Marketing to a group of small and medium sized business owners about how they should think about keywords and intent. I am planning on writing more...