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Contemplating Science and the Cosmos


Will AI take your job?

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in conversation levels around the world regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). There’s been a good amount of dialogue covering a wide variety of topics: everything from...


How could we not be interested in Astronomy?

Something I think each of us does  in our lives at one point or another is ponder the question… “How could people not be interested in…” followed by something we are obviously very interested in! Of...


Viscosity — looking on the bright side of life!

I wish to share an analogy that illustrates two profound principles about thought in general.  This analogy will be about something called “Viscosity” —  in this article we will invent a new sense of the word “Viscosity” which corresponds...


The Black Hole

Of all of the absolutely fascinating concepts of astronomy and physics which we can encounter, and bump into throughout our lives — one stands out still as the most mysterious, the most captivating, and in many respects, the most...


Neutrinos and the concept of ubiquity

So — you randomly open the dictionary (yeah, who does that?) — Ubiquitous: “Being present everywhere at once” Perhaps you’ve heard a statement like “mobile phones are ubiquitous in the modern world” — a...