Education is a fundamental part of my life. For me education is so much deeper and profound than merely passing formal courses — I care about knowledge and its impartation. Each of us, in some senses, is a product of our background education. Our perceptions, viewpoints, opinions — all of them have innate bias from our education systems. Education profoundly affects, through both constraining and liberating, the way we think.

My formal university education lies in the area of computer engineering, but I don’t want to be thought of as constrained to just that. We can all learn and upskill ourselves in various areas and I have worked hard to do so. As such I am deeply passionate about teaching and learning as it is the method in which I have acquired what knowledge I have. I am excited about the worldwide trend towards free knowledge through systems like Coursera. With the advent of the internet, never before has so much knowledge been right at our fingertips.

The mode and transmission of knowledge is a significant area of mankind’s development and progression. Indeed, without education we could, in one generation, regress to almost nothing, and we do spend a significant amount of our time as a populace merely “catching up” to where we are. So the efficacy of this knowledge transmission is significant.

This section of my blog is dedicated to discussion around education and learning. Feel free to join in the discussion where you are interested.

“A truly educated person never stops learning”

Shawn Powrie

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