Digital Marketing

At the end of my high school education, which I didn’t really put much effort or energy into, my teacher wrote one of those standard “recommendations and analysis of the student” kind of documents for my graduation.

Upon that paper she wrote “Shawn shows an aptitude for marketing, but as of yet, no interest” — little did she or I know that one day I would be working full time in marketing and loving it, but not just any marketing — generation Y marketing! (Otherwise known as internet marketing) Websites, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) User Experience (UX), Outreach, Content Strategy and pretty much every other buzzword — with or without an acronym — I’m loving it.

I currently work as a Digital Marketing Specialist at E-Web Marketing and have been since September 2013. I love my work every day and it yields so much thought and discussion that my company blog is just not enough to contain all the thoughts!

This section of my blog is dedicated to the discussion of internet marketing principles, primarily SEO and content marketing as those are my particular speciality.

Join me for the exciting ride of a constantly evolving industry!

Shawn Powrie

Recent articles I’ve written on internet marketing are shown below:

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