Reflections on Openness to Experience

Musings on a star There I was – in the middle of an open field at midnight on a summer’s evening, staring up at the stars in the sky and listening to trance music. I looked up at one particular star, staring at it deeply and taking in its appearance as a tiny, blue/white dot ...

Reflections on Neuroticism

Now available in audio format too – just hit play on the player above or visit my feed on your smartphone: (I dedicate this article to my friends high in neuroticism; you know who you are 😉) The...

Shawn Powrie
9 min read
Of Pretension

In mid 2015 I wrote a book titled “Of Pretension” and published it on Kindle. It was available for a time on Amazon and had a few readers. It was a short read of approximately 23 thousand words. About...

Shawn Powrie
13 min read
5 lessons learned from keeping a daily journal for 10 years

Approximately ten years ago, on the thirteenth of March 2009, I made a personal decision to keep a daily journal cataloguing my life journey. Rain or shine, happy or sad, I would document what happened in life. Now, over...

Shawn Powrie
4 min read
Chinese Poem: 观书有感 Guān shū yǒu gǎn the feeling of reading books

I recently learned a Chinese poem that was awesome! I love the depth encapsulated by this poem. So, I have translated it with an explanation below. 半亩方塘一鉴开,天光云影共徘徊。 问渠那得清如许?为有源头活水来。 Bàn mǔ fāng táng yī jiàn kāi, tiānguāng yún yǐng gòng...

Shawn Powrie
48 sec read
Why Context is for Kings

In the recent Netflix series Star Trek Discovery, in the third episode, Captain Lorca explains to an estranged and demoted Michael Burnham why he chose to interfere in her punishment for mutiny and bring her on-board the Discovery as...

Shawn Powrie
2 min read
The Humm Handbook (Chris Golis): A review

The Humm Handbook: Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence is a book by Christopher Golis that presents a personality modelling framework named “Humm-Wadsworth” . The Humm-Wadsworth model (abbreviated to Humm) attempts to describe human personality in terms of sets of common traits...

Shawn Powrie
10 min read
5 life reflections at the end of another decade

I’ve reached the end of another decade of my life. I won’t say exactly how old I am now! But reaching this milestone has left me with a few thoughts to share. Reflection #1: Of the Seasonality of Life...

Shawn Powrie
11 min read
Embracing the paradox of Goodness and Greatness

“Everything we do is for the purpose of altering consciousness. We form friendships so that we can feel certain emotions, like love, and avoid others, like loneliness. We eat specific foods to enjoy their fleeting presence on our tongues....

Shawn Powrie
4 min read