SEO: Topical Authority Borrowing (I.E Stealing Rankings)

Important premise: I’m a white-hatter. Don’t misinterpret this article as spammy ūüėõ Recently I had the privilege¬†to meet with Gary Illyes¬†as part of a company survey¬†program by Google. This was a rare and special opportunity, mainly because it was not a public meeting. I was able to provide some answers to him about how we ...

You can’t outsource your brand

We like to¬†outsource digital marketing activities in order to gain cost effective access to more experienced professionals.¬†But in our haste to do so, one hopes that we don’t lose sight of one simple fact: There are a lot of...

Shawn Powrie
2 min read
The Genius of AND — embrace paradoxical thinking

One of the ways in which we hold our thoughts back from greater clarity in life is the¬†“Enforced EITHER / OR” pattern. Otherwise articulated by Jim Collins as “The Tyranny of the OR” or also called “dichotomous thinking”. This...

Shawn Powrie
7 min read
Holistic SEO: it’s much more than just links

EDIT: three days after I wrote this blog article, John Mueller from Google was in a Google Webmasters hangout where he explicitly said (to answer the question “Is link building in any way good?”): That’s a good question, in...

Shawn Powrie
3 min read
Goodbye Uni!

Four years, eight months, and twenty-five¬†days¬†—¬†10 high distinctions, 10¬†distinctions, and 6 credits¬†— physics, electronics, mathematics, computing, information systems, astronomy and engineering¬†—¬†that’s what stands between me and the first day of my university education. Not as much or as long...

Shawn Powrie
17 min read