Consciousness and the self concept- explained for gamers and geeks

Who and what am I? What is my self? Some of us find this question and similar questions compelling. For us, self-awareness is not only a valuable tool for relationships or to achieve greater success in life, it’s also deeply intriguing and fun to explore. Even for those of us who are not inclined to ...

Why I stopped blogging, and being creative

It’s now been over a year since I last posted something on my blog. My last really well thought through post, Reflections on Openness to Experience hanging over my blog like a spectre, waiting for a new companion. My...

Shawn Powrie
5 min read
Reflections on Openness to Experience

Musings on a star There I was – in the middle of an open field at midnight on a summer’s evening, staring up at the stars in the sky and listening to trance music. I looked up at one...

Shawn Powrie
8 min read
Reflections on Neuroticism

Now available in audio format too – just hit play on the player above or visit my feed on your smartphone: (I dedicate this article to my friends high in neuroticism; you know who you are 😉) The...

Shawn Powrie
9 min read