Webinar: How might ChatGPT affect SEO?

I recently ran a webinar for clients of my business Hedgehog Digital Marketing about how ChatGPT might affect SEO:...

Emotions, Ambivalence, Holding Space, And Life’s Complexity

Reflections on emotions: Emotions appear strongly “contradictory” or “conflicting” when looked at from the lens of doing or needing to do something about/with them. Doing will inevitably be the frame of reference a lot of the time as emotions...

Shawn Powrie
4 min read
Why I stopped blogging, and being creative

It’s now been over a year since I last posted something on my blog. My last really well thought through post, Reflections on Openness to Experience hanging over my blog like a spectre, waiting for a new companion. My...

Shawn Powrie
5 min read
Reflections on Openness to Experience

Musings on a star There I was – in the middle of an open field at midnight on a summer’s evening, staring up at the stars in the sky and listening to trance music. I looked up at one...

Shawn Powrie
8 min read
Reflections on Neuroticism

Now available in audio format too – just hit play on the player above or visit my feed on your smartphone: https://shawnpowrie.com/feed/podcast (I dedicate this article to my friends high in neuroticism; you know who you are 😉) The...

Shawn Powrie
9 min read
Good to Great (Jim Collins) Lecture @ Sydney University

On Tuesday the 17th of March 2020 I gave a guest lecture at the University of Sydney’s Master of Management (MAMANAGE2000) course. The topic was Good to Great, a famous book by Jim Collins which I did a kind...

Shawn Powrie
14 sec read
Of Pretension

In mid 2015 I wrote a book titled “Of Pretension” and published it on Kindle. It was available for a time on Amazon and had a few readers. It was a short read of approximately 23 thousand words. About...

Shawn Powrie
13 min read
5 lessons learned from keeping a daily journal for 10 years

Approximately ten years ago, on the thirteenth of March 2009, I made a personal decision to keep a daily journal cataloguing my life journey. Rain or shine, happy or sad, I would document what happened in life. Now, over...

Shawn Powrie
4 min read
Chinese Poem: 观书有感 Guān shū yǒu gǎn the feeling of reading books

I recently learned a Chinese poem that was awesome! I love the depth encapsulated by this poem. So, I have translated it with an explanation below. 半亩方塘一鉴开,天光云影共徘徊。 问渠那得清如许?为有源头活水来。 Bàn mǔ fāng táng yī jiàn kāi, tiānguāng yún yǐng gòng...

Shawn Powrie
48 sec read